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Master Guardian (MG) Is responsible for all activities within the section. This includes:
  • Managing roster;
  • Assigning ranks;
  • Assigning titles;
  • Managing website and discord as well as any representative platform;
  • Overseeing and managing events, tournaments;
  • Gathering statistics;
  • Expanding the section with new members and/or ideas;
  • Reporting results of matches or events;
  • Much more.

Captain works hand-in-hand with the Major. Aside from administrative things like managing servers, Captain is capable of doing everything that Major does, but needs permission to do some of it (assigning titles, managing roster). Captains also recommend Members Of The Month (MOTM), as well as other promotions, titles and ranks.

Awoken is a member who has been acknowledged by the Captain/s and is selected to help them in various ways such as:
  • Reporting results of matches or events;
  • Gathering lists of active members;
  • Helping with statistics;
  • Maintaining order in the forum;
  • Learning to lead effectively.
Awoken is not able to make decisions that normally fall on Captain or MG ranks, but has access to The CItadel (leadership section) as well as Leadership Room on Discord.

Guardian is a member of the clan and does not have any responsibilities apart from attending events, tournaments, and actively engaging in the clans activities whenever possible.


Member of the Month (MOTM)
MOTM is a title given to a single member each month. The title represents an exemplary behaviour which includes friendliness, activity, the will to improve and help others improve as well and discipline. The title lasts for one month. Captain and MG ranks are not able to obtain this title. 

Member of the Moment
Member of the Moment is a title given to a member or members for various reasons such as:
Giving a good idea which helps the clan and/or members.
Successfully leading a raid, party, or other group activity.
(Needs more)

Recruiter title is given to any member except MG after a new member passes the 2 week probation period. 

Honorable Discharge (HD)
HD title is given to a member who decides to leave our ranks, and is put in the Hall of Memorials.

Dishonorable Discharge (DD)

DD title is given to a member who has been breaking the rules repeatedly and/or has toxic behaviour. The title is put in the Hall of Memorials. Only MG can assign or discharge members.
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Forum » Destiny 2 » Clan info
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